Friday, August 23, 2013

“Sit Back, Because I’m About to Tell You a Story”

I shouldn't share this because I don't have permission to do so, but it is too cute not to share. I snuck a peak at Sophie's "Writer's Journal" last night at Back to School night...Sophie was telling the story about how she met one of her besties, Amelia, on the first day of Kindergarten, and I almost peed my pants with this opening line (spelling/punctuation corrected/added for readability):
"I love school and most of my stories happen at school, so sit back because I'm about to tell you one!"
It goes on to say:

At school I knew I had a home. It was one of the places me and my very best friend met.

It was the first day of school; we were both in kindergarten. Now it starts out a little odd but it's what happened...

So we had to write in our journals and I was sitting next to her, and I asked if I could share with her so I did, even though I wasn't supposed to. And...




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