Saturday, June 08, 2013

Warming My Heart

Things that have warmed my heart this week:
Sophie picking out a special gift for Auntie Summar because “she needs cheering up.”

Sophie writing a song for her brother Sutton that starts like this:
The sky was gray
And so was I
Until you came into my life

You fill my heart
With love and hope
(She’s not done with it yet)

Sophie singing, singing around the house all the time; such a blessing to have a happy child. She sings church songs, songs about God; it’s precious.

Sophie and Jeffery holding hands on the way to the Cardinals game:

Sophie giving Jeffery a BIG hug when she saw him at her baseball game last night, where she played catcher.
Sapphire reminding her mom to include “Auntie Farrell and Sophie” when talking about who their favorite girls are.

Sophie’s excitement about the move.

Sophie’s willingness to donate her entire piggy bank to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

What warmed your heart this week?


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