Friday, June 28, 2013

Inquisitive Minds…

OK, so I probably just backed myself into a corner here.

I was telling Sophie how Grandma invited ALL of us over for dinner when Papa Ryan (my dad) is visiting.
Sophie: ALL of us?
Me: Yeah. Me, you, Jeff, Ethan, Papa Ryan…
Sophie: Well that’s so weird because YOU never invite Daddy and TT ANYWHERE!
[yeah because between dance and baseball and soccer I spend PLENTY of time with them!]
Me: Well…my parents have been divorced for…33 years, so…they are pretty much over it.
Sophie: And you and Daddy have been divorced what, 8 or 9 years?
Me: Yeah. [How the fuck did she know that???]
Sophie: Well which is it? 8 or 9 years?
Me: Well…you’re almost 9 so…almost 9.
Sophie: Wait, you got divorced before I was born?
Me: Yeah.
Sophie: Well I don’t get it. How did you make a baby then?
Me: Well, when we made you, we were still married.
Sophie: But you weren’t married when I was born.
Me: Right.
Oh shit what have I done? What have I said? Only the facts. Stick to the facts but not the whole truth.
Sophie was asking me about babies and how she wants to adopt because she’s scared to have labor. This was a couple of days ago. And she kept asking me questions about what my labor with her was like and I told her how I was at work and told my boss, “I do not know what is going on, but I don’t think this kid is going to wait until November 21.” And then how I had her the next morning around 4am.
Sophie: Wow, so you were like, in labor AT WORK?
Me: Yeah. For like, 24 hours, only I didn’t know it.
Sophie: Wow.
And then she started asking me if I had pain meds when I gave birth and I told her no because she was coming out too fast and was like, “Look out world: I’m coming; ready or not!” and I didn’t have a chance to. And she kept asking me questions and I revealed to her that I loved labor and I think it’s amazing and she said she still wanted to adopt and “You have a choice on whether or not you get pregnant, right?” to which I answered “yes” because that was simple.

And then tonight:
Sophie: So, I came out of your belly with NO pain meds?
Me: Yep.
Sophie: Why?
Me: Well, not by choice – you were just ready and there wasn’t enough time.
Sophie: Did it hurt?
Me: Yeah, it hurt a lot.
Sophie: But you still liked it?
Me: Yep. Labor is amazing. I would totally have another kid right now if somebody would carry it for me for 9 months and I just had to give birth.
Sophie: So I was telling TT about that the other day – how you had labor without any pain meds and that you LIKED IT and she was like, “Wow, I don’t think I could ever do that.”
Me: [*Groan*]
During this pool party I was talking to a church friend. We’re friends through church but we don’t like, talk on the phone often or anything, but she’s super sweet and I adore her. Her name is Jen, go figure. (Well, it’s only been the most popular name since what, 1950?) Anyway, she came up to me and fellow single mom friend Angie and got in our conversation and that’s when I revealed what Sophie had started talking with me about earlier (see above) and Jen was like, “Wait, what??” And that’s when I told her, “Yeah, Jamie left me when I was 7 months pregnant for TT. You didn’t know that?” And she is friends with my ex SIL and their daughters do cheer together blah blah blah. And she was just like, “HOLY SHIT.” Not that it matters. But it was interesting nonetheless. 


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