Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sophie’s Song – “Shoulder to Cry On”

Sophie wrote this song yesterday for The Ruelles and her BFF Amelia. (I’ve corrected the spelling)

If you’re having a rough day, I’ll always be here to say
that I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.
I’ll be dusk and wind and the sun.
I’ll be your road so that you can run. 
You’ve always been there for me so I’ll be there for you. 
‘Cause I’ll be your tree to climb on. 
And I’ll be your shoulder to cry on. 
I’ll be your grass so you can graze. 
I’ll be a steeple so you can praise. 
Take a chance, take the wind, so that you can fly away. 
Together, there’s nothing that we can’t do. 
So just remember I’ll always be your shoulder to cry on.


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