Monday, February 18, 2013


At St. Louis Bread Co. where Sophie, Jeff, Ethan and I all met for lunch:
Sophie: It’s like SO WEIRD that BOTH of Ethan’s parents are dating. Because you know, his mom like, has a boyfriend and you’re with Jeff…
Ethan: Yeah and I might have a step-mom soon!
Sophie: Huh?
Ethan: Well…I might have a step-mom soon.
Sophie: Who?
Ethan [pointing his thumb at me, hitch-hiker style]
Sophie [eyebrows up]
Me [trying not to burst out laughing]
Jeff [to Sophie]: What do you think about all of that, Miss Sophie?
Sophie [cheerfully]: I don’t know.
Ethan: And then we would be brother and sister!
Sophie: Maaaybe.
Ethan: Yeah, maybe.
I smiled at Jeff.


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