Monday, November 19, 2012

Things My Daughter Says

Me: What are you thankful for, Sophie?

Sophie: Everything!
We saw the Rockettes Christmas show at the Peabody thanks to Grandma & Grandpa and we had FRONT ROW seats!:) Santa waved right at Sophie plus Sophie got one of the Rockettes' autographs:)
At our parent-teacher conference, the teacher told a funny story about Sophie. On election day, the teacher was talking about why it was important blah blah blah...and Sophie jumps out of her seat, pumps her fist in the air and says, "Yeah and if Mitt Romney wins, we get our choice of health care back!" She definitely picked up on that while at her Dad's house, LOL.

Second parent-teacher story: in her journal, Sophie wrote, "I would like to be a big sister again." and I looked at Jamie and said, "Uh oh, you better warn TT because it's not coming from me!"
Apparently, when Sophie is at my house, Jamie & TT ask Sutton, "Where's sissy?" and he says, "At Far house." He LOVES his sissy and was walking around yesterday I heard clutching her photo. When Jamie tried to take it so it wouldn't crumple, he hugged it closer and said, "NO! MY Sissy!"
Friday night, Sophie had her first successful sleepover at her friend Meghan’s house. She said, “I think I can stay here tonight! I have a feeling that I can sleep here tonight without my mom! I just have a feeling.”


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