Monday, January 31, 2005

Pauvre Bébé

Last night, we ended up in the ER because Sophie’s temperature spiked to 103. She has RSV. I’m so worried about her. On top of it all, I had food poisoning and barfed all over the hospital and all over my car on the way home. My mom took Sophie home with her and was up till 5:30 this morning. We went back to the doc’s at 11 and her fever has broke, she is breathing well and has kept the last two bottles down, so keep your fingers crossed (and/or say a prayer)...

Not to mention that Jamie’s first night with her is supposed to be Tuesday. I told him I felt more comfortable if he would wait because I don’t think it’s fair to Sophie to go somewhere she’s never been when she feels like crap. Plus, we all need our mommies when sick. He said “let’s wait and see how she’s doing.” Oh, and last night in the ER? Jackass started talking about refinancing the house. I said “I’m not discussing that with you right now; it’s inappropriate.”


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    get better, Sophie and you both! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you..
    *hugs* julia

  2. Awww. Hope both of you recover quickly and are feeling better soon.